Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games

Tomorrow Night.  Midnight. I will be at this movie and I cannot wait!
Thank you Scholastic Book Clubs for my Mockingjay pin. :)

With all the excitement of The Hunger Games, I decided it would be fun to make a graph. I had to get creative (since I don't teach reading) on how I could get my kids excited about the books. It wasn't hard, it's spreading like wildfire. 

I covered half of my chalkboard with this. The Mockingjay Club. 
When a kid has read a book, they can write their name on a post it note and put it on our graph. I can't wait to see how it grows. I have a lot of kids in the middle of one of these, but I wouldn't let them put their name up here until the finish the book. :)
 (The last section is for the movie)
This was last minute. One of my kids says "What do we get for being in the club?" So we made stickers using labels. I guess the satisfaction of completing a great book didn't work like it did for me. Ha! 

Who's ready for the movie??


  1. I'm going to a midnight showing, too! So jealous of your pin!

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