Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diaries of Aunt Katie

Where has the last year gone? It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting here at my mom and dad's house {about to bust from the seems} just waiting on the arrival of Miss Harper Elizabeth!

Here I am, one year later, excited again to celebrate her 1st birthday! Being an aunt has GOT to be one of the best things on earth! I'm loving every minute of it...

Here is my year in review of my baby girl...
Aunt Katie loves you!!!
1 Month Old
2 Months Old
3 Months Old
4 Months Old
5 Months Old
6 Months Old
7 Months Old
8 Months Old
9 Months Old
10 Months Old
11 Months Old
12 Months Old


  1. Perfect!!! We love you too Aunt Katie!

  2. So cute! Happy Birthday to her...it goes really fast.

  3. She really is just so, so cute. I love her wardrobe, too!

  4. You just gave Harper a "This is you life" moment to remember! Im just so sad that I missed you by hours....
    can't wait to see the pictures from today's photo shoot!
    Love you, Katie! Yes, being an aunt to three beautiful girls is awesome to the core...just wai till you are a great aunt!!!!...and it goes so quickly....xoxoxo