Monday, April 11, 2011

Harper visits Aunt Katie

This was the best weekend ever! {minus one important girl} I absolutely love it when my mom and sister(s) come visit me and this time HARPER came too! All that was missing is my Nashville sister. :(
{But she Skyped and made it ALL better}

Here is my weekend recap...

Friday...Fort Worth Zoo & Pappasito's

Saturday...Southlake Town Square & Grapevine Mills Mall
 Sunday...Church & Lunch

Come back soon girls...I miss you already!


  1. She is seriously so adorable!! What a fun weekend!

  2. We had such a great time!! Thanks for having us Aunt Katie!!! Love you!

  3. It was a fabulous weekend! FILLED with good memories!
    Love you!

  4. I know I've said this before, but that little girl is the cutest.
    And also, I like your Dare tank top. Dare to keep a kid off drugs. Takes me back to 6th grade.

  5. ABSOLUTELY ADOARBLE BABY!!! :) jsut wanted to let you know tht i am hosting a rad giveaway, a BIKINI by an up'n coming desginer from Mexico! super easy & right on time for spring/summer! ^.^ xo

  6. She is a cutie! I would be a proud aunt too! Just stopping by because I saw that you were a new follower. Thanks for that! :)