Saturday, March 9, 2013

Open House

Open House is the week we return from Spring Break. We had a weird week with testing, programs, I decided we would just work on our Math Projects for Open House this week. :) I did a different project with each class and was very please with the final product. Now lets just hope it still looks like this when the parents come. :)

*I apologize for the pictures being blurry...They're from my phone :/

My Block 1 did a Symmetry Project. I took their school pictures and blew them up. Each kid had to find the center and draw a vertical line (line of symmetry) Then they had to measure to accurately draw their other half. They had so much fun and I loved seeing what great artists I had. :)

Block 2 did a Clock Project. This clock was my inspiration. 
I had the kids create a clock using examples of math. The only requirement was that the answer had to equal the correct number (and placement) on the clock. I think they turned out soooo cute!

My Block 3 did a fraction activity. I gave them a story about a rock band. Throughout the story were descriptions of the band mates using fractions. They had to create their band using these descriptions. Again, I was so impressed at some of their artistic abilities.