Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Week & Classroom Tour

I wanted so bad to participate in the Blog Hoppin' Teacher Party all week....but it just didn't happen. :(  

Rewind on this week....
I reported back on Monday and that night I started getting a sore throat. Got through was still sore but I made it. Nothing a little DayQuil could't handle. Wednesday that little sore throat went to swallowing razors (well, it felt like it) and ZERO energy. Thursday turned into neck and back aches, sore throat and having to rest (aka lay my head down) in between every little task I did. Thursday night...Meet the Teacher. I put my "I'm not sick" face on and greeted everyone with a smile. Let's just say an hour and a half later I could barely stand or walk...get home to discover I have a fever. (100.4) I don't get normal body temp is like 97.1, so this made me raise my eyebrows a little.

Friday. I should've never gone to school...but I did because I have TWENTY SIX 5th grades coming Monday morning...I had to finish my room. AND, I have my first student teacher who is starting the 1st day of school and she was coming to meet me that afternoon. I seriously took 4 breaks while getting ready. Shower-lay in bed, get dressed-lay in bed, dry hair-lay in bed, makeup-lay in bed. Got to school around 9:30...and had a little burst of energy (maybe 45 minutes) and got a few things done but it was just about all down hill from there. I had my nurse check me and I actually didn't have a fever (thanks to the meds) but my lymph nodes were swollen and throat red. Long story short...I made it until noon and couldn't do it anymore. Went straight to the doctor. No Strep, No Mono...tested me for West Nile (since I have all the symptoms EXCEPT the main one...a known mosquito bite) so we'll see. My fever actually spiked to 105 while I was there which prompted them to give me an antibiotic and steroid shot. Then it went right back down and Ive been fever free since. It's helping I have my energy back...just can't talk and when I do...I sure pay for it! So a very low-key weekend for me to get ready for Monday morning. I did finish my room early this morning so I have tons of pictures. Sorry you had to read my bio first (HA!) but I figured my #1 blog readers aka my fam would also like to be updated...since I can't talk. :)

And all that, just for classroom tour!

 My desk area
Wall opposite my lockers 
 Front of Classroom. I couldn't get a good picture, but the flags 
across the top are my place value banners. Billions to Thousandths. 
Here it is a little closer. It's just too long to fit in one picture!
 Looking towards my door 
 Opposite corner looking at my desk
 Locker tags...scrapbook paper
 View from my front door
 Back wall

Just for is my classroom BRIGHT and yellow from last year in case you'd like to take a look. Click here

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Made It

I've enjoyed reading everyone's Monday made it's all summer, so I thought I'd join today. I feel like this picture makes everything look uneven but it's straight in person. :) Just a little hallway decoration for our 5th grade hall. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here you go.
A sneak peek of my new wall color.
I still have to hang a million things back up but I wanted to show you how the walls came out. 
I think I'm going to REALLY like it!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


About 5-6 years ago, our school classrooms got painted either pale blue or pale yellow. I went with yellow on 3 of my walls and kept the green accent wall that the previous teacher had painted. I've always liked it...I mean it is our school colors and all. I think it's just time for change. :)

My principal gave me the ok to paint so its time for the yellow to go! Goodbye pale yellow, hello Granite Gray!
Classroom Makeover pics coming soon!!!!! Oh, and if anyone has a suggestion on what I can do to make this board over my chalkboard less of an eye sore PAH-LEEZE let me know!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Think I'm Going To Try That....

I know a lot of people can be on Pinterest for hours, but me...I usually just use the search to find what I'm looking for... look around for a few minutes and keep it moving.
Not last night.
Man, if this could only be true.
I found someone's teaching board and went nuts. Ha! She MUST be teacher of the year somewhere. :)

Just wanted to share some of my favorite finds this week. Follow my school board if you're interested.
*I tried to cite what I could...but you know Pinterest, some links are just to the picture. If your reading this and see something of yours, let me know and I'll link it from Pinterest*