Monday, May 21, 2012

End of the Year Activities

As we wind down this school year (5 more whole days, 2 half days...but who's counting) I wanted to share some of my end of the year ideas we do in 5th grade. I just took some pictures at school today and then drop boxed them on my computer. Do you use Dropbox? It's pretty much amazing!

We are still rotating to regular classes until Wednesday so here's whats going on in Math. MATH MANIA! If I would've been smart, I would've downloaded the file...but feel free to borrow and recreate using this picture. The kids are loving it! I listed 30 or so math activities (most taken from stations throughout the year) and listed them all. The kids get free reign over what they want to do these next few days and when they complete a task, they just mark it off. And it gives this teacher some time to do all these end of the year things I'm suppose to be completing. ;)
After Memorial Day, we come back for a full day and then 2 half days. We stay in homeroom all day and do some great stuff.

We read "Last Day Blues" I just love this book and so do my 11 and 12 year old kids. :)
Positive Note Cards:
Each kid gets 20 index cards. On each card they write the name of every student in our class. I let them decorate it and make it cute. Then they have to write one thing they really enjoyed about each kid on the back. (some sort of compliment) When we're all done, we pass them out so that every kid has 20 nice things written about them on a card. We use binder rings and clip them all together. It makes a fun thing to take home at the end of the year. :)

Snapshots of 5th Grade:
We make a list of everything we did over the year. We split all the events up and each kid writes about something different and illustrates it. They can draw it on either a Polaroid Frame or a Film Strip. Then we hang them in the hall in August so that our new kids can get excited about everything we do in 5th.

Mystery Person:
This is fun. I got the idea from Jordan earlier this week. (who, by the way, has tons of other good ideas)  I went through and wrote a little something about each kid and the teachers. They will have to figure out who is who. I can't wait to see if they get them all. If you are interested, I have this activity for sale in my TpT store. 
I also do a homeroom word find from at the beginning and end of each year

Let's see...we also re-read our goals and letter to self that we sealed at the beginning of the year, clean and pack up the room completely. Shaving cream our desks (which is way fun but gives me a migraine EVERY SINGLE YEAR...but they love it!) and that's about it. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the great mom's out there!

I would like to give a quick shout out to my mom, who I think is THE BEST one out there. Gmonee, I love you to the moon and back. And then to my sisters. Thank you for making me "Aunt Katie" and giving me the best job out there. I love those little girls to pieces...and little Hud too! Those little chickens are so lucky to call you guys their mamas!

I wanted to share a video for all the mom's out there. It's only a minute and a half, but its a beautiful song written JUST for you! I dedicate it to my Mama!! It was made through my church, Gateway, so I hope you enjoy. Happy Mother's Day to you all!!! {just click the link below}


As you held me in your arms
As you kept me safe from harm
Never ending gifts of love
For your child

After countless hours of care
When you've whispered a thousand prayers
Every effort with none to spare
Just for your child

So in my eyes you define what a woman should be
And I love that you'll always be mama to me
When I think of the love you have given so unselfishly
You're the image of God to me