Thursday, April 19, 2012

Science in Math

Next week in Texas, all the 5th graders are taking the STAAR test. Sooo...on my team, we like to help our Science teacher out and shut down our regular subjects to teach, or should I say re-teach Science. <--Kinda. :)

My Assignment.

Monday. The Water Cycle.
I did teach 4th grade Science, which totally covers this, so I was good. Thanks to Shake and Learn Science, I had my kids singing and dancing all around demonstrating the water cycle. Then we drew out the water cycle and made it colorful.

Tuesday. Electricity.
I was in luck, I taught this in 4th too. I do, believe it or not, know how to complete a circuit. So we looked at how to light a light bulb with a know the usual experiment we all do to teach electricity. Then we drew a diagram of a circuit. I guess I was feeling kind of artsy this week. :)

Wednesday. Phases of the Moon.
Ut Oh. We did not do this in 4th grade. Planets yes, although now they're dropping Pluto...but Phases of the Moon, no. I somehow convinced all my kids that we were going to all learn this together from the greatest scientist ever. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yes, I know I could've just looked it up (and I did actually) but this method seemed more interesting. I mean, would you like to hear a Math teacher try to explain the moon phases or Bill Nye. Exactly. The loved it and I love hearing them sing "Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guy..."

Thursday. Phases of the Moon part 2.
Thank you Pinterest for your fabulous idea of using Oreo's to show the Phases. Awesomeness. Tell me you wouldn't love this...and they can eat them. Winning.

Pretty fun if I say so myself...

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I had a whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh last week. I just loved it there. Man, it was sooo pretty! As I sat there, in awe of its beauty, I realized how boring the scenery in Texas is...and Oklahoma for that matter. The mountains and rivers, bridges and amazing architecture. It's beautiful!!! For reals. So many cool things to do there. And I will be back soon so that I can go see my Steelers...and my family again. :)

Here is Pittsburgh...through the eyes of Instagram