Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Need An EASY Fundraiser?

I've just recently started working with fundraiser company that I've used the past two years and LOVE!
Glow Scented Candles!
The reasons I use this fundraiser myself and now why I'm a sales consultant are:
A. The candles are the most amazing things EVER
B.  It's sooooo EASY (on the kids AND teachers)
C.  It makes TONS of money
D.  It's QUICK

If you {or someone you know} are looking for a quick and easy fundraiser, let me know and I will send you more details! The first year my 5th graders did this we made $4,700 in 2 weeks and last year we made $3,600! I was the sponsor on both of these and I promise it was a piece of cake from start to finish. {Hence the reason I wanted to work with this amazing company??}

Email me for more details! Katieadelle15@gmail {dot} com