Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm linking up today with my couponing idol, Becky from From Mrs to Mama

This is will be quick, because I only have one...

Seriously... I am obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial. I can tell you anything you want to know about it, for reals.  

Here's my two sense...I think the whole world knows she did it, but I just have this feeling that the defense is creating enough doubtlets that the girls gonna get off. This chick reminds me of that Joran Van der Sloot guy from the Natalie Holloway case. They both think that they are in complete control, that everyone is buying their ridiculous lies and that they are above everyone. I think if she gets off, like Joran, we'll be seeing her again in the news for another crime which will finally get her where she needs to be, the slammer. Hopefully this jury will just put her away for life...we definitely don't need people like Casey roaming the streets. I soooo should've been on this jury! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Part 2:
If the baby's a BOY....

I call this "A room fit for a rockstar"

This one isn't nearly as easy. Why is it easier to decorate for girls then boys? I am using a lot of the same things that I used in the girl post, mainly because I know Natalie loves these things. Well, at least she does this week. haha!

Still loving the turquoise dresser to double as a changing table
Here is my bold move of color 
 incase that was too much for you...
I love this mobile over the crib...also kind of my inspiration of color in the room
simple and sweet
and a little wall art in the room
 Still loving the book/ display shelves in the area between the door and closet
The whole picture...

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Next month we will officially know if  we'll be adding a niece or nephew to the fam. If you are interested in following Natalie's journey through pregnancy, you can follow her blog here.  While we wait {22 more days} I thought I'd entertain myself gathering nursery ideas to pass along. N & D, you can thank me later. :)

If it's a GIRL...

I call this "vintage meets color"

I love the gray walls and the darker gray curtains dragging on the ground. 
This would make a cozy corner in the room near a window
{not all these pale colors though...}
 pretty much love every part of this...just add a cute little owl pillow 
I like the idea of discretely placing owls in the room to bring all the colors together
Just a few more things to finish this area off...

Here is where the color comes in...
A distressed turquoise dresser/ changing table
{preferably larger than this one}
 This dresser is cute, but I mostly love the window above it 
{minus the alphabet}
 and how fun would this burst of color be above the crib?

There is a small area in between the door and closet door...
I love this idea for that area
maybe not all could add some special decorative items too
This one is one my wishlist...but I'll share.
The black damask print is probably overboard for this room, but I would use the white bumper 
and hot pink sheets and ties...oh and of course the mirror. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


It's funny, as I was growing up I remember thinking people in their 30's were so old. Now, I can officially say, I am the Big 3-2. Wow, I can't believe I just said that. And for the record, I don't feel a day over 25. :) I am so blessed to have been on this earth 11,688 days now. I am so excited for the year to come and to see what's in store for me.

As I was completely bored at Summer School Monday & Tuesday I came up with a list of 32 things I want to do this year. Most of them are things I already know I'm was really hard coming up with this list so I kind of cheated. I should've tried it when I was 20...not 32. 

1.   Get a passport
2.   Get a REALLY good tan
3.   Continue Working Out
4.   Have more girl time with my friends
5.   Get more involved at my church
6.   Welcome my niece/ nephew into the world
7.   Go to Nashville
8.   Go to Pittsburgh
9.   Visit Sea World
10.  Throw a baby shower
11.  Make a diaper cake
12.  Throw a amazing 30th birthday party for the love bug
13.  Go to at least five Rangers games
14.  Master the poof
15.  Watch Steph get married in Jamaica
16.  Try a new mixed drink
17.  Give Dave Ramsey a try
18.  Lose about 10 pounds
19.  Teach Harper to say my name
20.  Get 4 more cancer free reports from my dad
21.  Have a maid come clean my house
22.  Form new friendships
23.  Spend a weekend at the lake
24.  Have my classroom finished BEFORE we go back 
25.  Upgrade my phone
26.  Call Lindsey every morning
27.  Call Natalie every afternoon
28.  Witness the completion of a 15 yr bathroom project
29.  Go to a Pittsburgh Steelers game
30.  Quit drinking Dr Pepper
31.  Paint the garage
32.  Beautify my yard

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lettering Delights has reached 12,000 Facebook fans and they are celebrating by giving us this FABULOUS bundle for FREE! I just downloaded it all and it was super easy. Hurry...the deal ends Thursday!

Click here to go to Lettering Delights' site now!

My creation with my new download...using GEL PENS!!!


A friend of mine shared this link on Facebook with me about a week ago and I wanted to pass this great opportunity out to you guys. :)

As you know, Joplin, Mo was devastated by a horrible tornado about a month ago. Their schools were destroyed. I am excited to share that we all have the opportunity to be paired with a teacher in Joplin and help them get their classrooms going again. They have about 60 somethings days left to get it kid ready. This is the information they posted on their Facebook page.

We are so grateful for the generous donations to our schools from people all over the state, the country and the world.

What we really need now is help getting our classrooms ready for the new school year, which starts in 75 days. We have hundreds of teachers who must set up their classrooms from scratch, because they lost all their classroom supplies and decorations.

If you would like to help us make our classrooms warm and inviting places to learn once again, please participate in our adopt-a-classroom program. We will partner your class or organization with a Joplin teacher, who will let you know the specific things he or she needs to create a welcoming classroom once again.

To adopt one of our Joplin classrooms, contact Kim Vann at, and include your name, organization name and phone number. Thank you for your support of the Joplin Schools as we rebuild!

Again, if you want to help out, please contact
Kim Vann at

Monday, June 13, 2011


Tonight, my heart hurts. I cannot begin to tell you how much I absolutely HATE cancer!!

I hate that it's affected the people  I love...
I hate the way it's allowed itself to creep into my mind...
I hate that it makes me waste time thinking about it
I hate that I worry...
I hate being anxious all the time...
I hate the feeling when you don't get the news you hoped for...
I hate being scared...

I hate admitting I feel all these things when I know God is in control. I feel like I am being completely selfish because I truly do believe everything is according to HIS plan. I hate that I've allowed myself to be filled with these thoughts, if even just to vent in this moment, because it shows that I'm not trusting God like I need to. I am only writing this to get it out... and for it to be a reminder to me that when you let your guard down, Satan is there in an instant to do all these things I hate. Prayer is so powerful. I am trusting YOU Lord, that YOU are in complete control and that I will never forget that no matter what!

Prayers please for
My Uncle Sid...
My bestest friend who just lost a cousin to this junk...
My friend who just found out about a 'mass' in her chest...and is scared to death thinking the worst...
and finally,
continued prayers for my dad, who thank God is still Cancer FREE! PTL...

Cancer is so limiting………
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot steal eternal life

Reality Show.

Once upon a time, after telling one of my usual stories, some friends told me I needed to either write a book or get on a reality tv show to document my adventures. This may falsely lead one to believe we actually do fun things or would be exciting to watch. Not so much. I will admit sometimes we say and do some funny mainly dumb stuff and people probably thing we're crazy, but if we had a show...I would totally watch us. :)

So, about six months ago, Love bug and I started joking around about our pretend reality show. It doesn't have a name...but I write our "episodes" on my twitter page. (I mean, what else is it good for?!?) They probably don't make a lot of sense to anyone else, but it gives us great laughs in this house read them. This is more for me than my readers, so I can have it all listed in one place. I guess I have that right since it is MY blog. :) Pretty much only a small handful of people will find this as humorous as I to you my friends...ENJOY! :)

Here are my most recent titles (maybe short descriptions of our shows) ...starting with tonight. :)

Episode #40. Mav's win. Fireworks in the neighborhood. S rides w/ window down booing & tells a officer at Subway his neighbors are...popping fireworks illegally in city limits. {part 2} Gas station: drunk fan was so excited he forced S to take a beer and celebrate. Awkward.

Episode #39. bowling. Love Bug stepped over the line and bit it. Hahaha

Episode #38. SNAKE!!! Love bug with the shovel chasing the monster me screaming on top of the chair.

Episode #37. Shopping with Katie. 1st stop Albertson's. Coupons saved me $17.84. To be continued...

Episode #36. Putt Putt. Sixth times a charm :)

Episode #35. True Bon Qui Qui moment at Albertson's. 8 people in line and this chicks on her cell ph

Episode #34. S found a fortune on the ground. Says a unexpected payment is coming ur way. He's obsessed w/ getting lottery tickets tonight.

Episode #33. Show up at school. No air. No electricity. No internet.

Episode #32. Getting rid of birds with the water hose and a poll. Success.

Episode #31. Love bug chasing a rabbit in the backyard. Lol

Episode #30. Dinner.

Episode #29. Skateboarding in Walmart. smh...
Episode #28. Sey at the car dealership. Oh. My. Gosh.

Episode #27. "May showers bring April flowers"

Episode #26. Losing what wisdom was left...wisdom teeth

Episode #25: Bird Talk Commentary by S. "where's my kinfolk? oh there u are. Now move ur a$ over and let me get a seat

Episode #24. You love for me to sing to you...with no hands on the wheel. And buying gas for strangers. This is the life...

Episode #23. At Sonic- Sey to the lady- Can I please have LIGHT mustard? Can I hear u say LIGHT.

Episode #22. At school, by myself at 5:30 am= kinda scary. * turns on every light switch*

Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's Thursday...time to link up with Becky at From Mrs To Mama

Seriously...There is now only ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL! I can do this!!!

Seriously...We just lost $20 at a stupid parking lot carnival trying to win an dumb can 2 people be?!?

Seriously...98% of my 5th graders ended up passing the Math TAKS test. Holla!

Seriously...I'm going for the Heat just so basketball season will be over faster. 3 more games!

Seriously...I REALLY need to find the pool code so my summer rituals can continue. I need my brown skin back!

Seriously...My car said 101 degrees today. 

Breaking News...

I know everyone loves to follow a good pregnancy/ mommy/ baby blog, so hear is one more for you. My sister Natalie. She is in Tennessee and only has 10 followers. My hope is that if she gets lots of followers, she will feel like she HAS to keep up the updates so her family {that lives 10-15 hours away} and new followers will be able to continue to get updates on the little peanut. Shout out can't stop now!!! :)

Ok everyone...FOLLOW HER!