Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday


{Gold Glitter Pumps}
I have been super excited about these shoes for a while now. But, now I'm trying to figure out what I would wear with them. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

{Flash Mob}
I just found out that there will be a real live flash mob here on Saturday as a part of the Super Bowl extravaganza. I am so excited about this and really hope I remember to get down there and experience it. This is like a life long least for the last year since I saw my first one. :)

{A Little TV Talk}
The Bachelor...
I'm still in love with Emily and Chantel. I hope these two make it to the end. They've been my favorite's since the beginning.
American Idol...
I don't care what everyone else says...I think this is the best season yet. I'm glad Simon's gone. Honestly, I haven't REALLY watched since Carrie just seemed to be the same thing...year after year. This year...Love it. Love J.Lo, love Steven Tyler. I just caught this episode last night and loved it. Did you see Lauren Alaina from Nashville. Mark my words...she will be in the finals. Fact. 
Clearly, all I watch is reality tv. I could go on and on...Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, the shows are endless. 

*Side Note*
I hope to share some Super Bowl week pictures with you all on Thursday. This will be completely school related, so non-teacher are excused from Thursday's post. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Teacher Talk Thursday {one day late}

Abby @ Snyder Stories is hosting the first Teacher Talk Thursday today. 
Todays topic: Organization
It's funny how today's topic is Organization because organized is the last thing I feel today. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would say I'm about a 9...especially when it comes to school stuff. (Today I feel like a 5) I'm really hoping that my pictures do not expose the mess that my room was today! :)

I use 2 Rubbermaid, 3-drawer boxes to keep all my copies organized. I try to get all my copies done the week before and sort them by days. (Monday-Wednesday on the left and then Thursday-Friday, plus extras on the right) That way I can just open the drawer on a certain day and have everything I need. 
I teach 5th grade Math and have TONS of maniplulatives. I went out and bought little containers for each different kind. They are labeled on the front so that we can find things easily. It has saved my life at times when I need to find something it looks nice and organized. There's a close up below too. 

I inherited this nice cabinet when I started teaching...we don't really have cubbies in 5th grade so it was a small challenge trying to figure out how I would use this. I love it though and wasn't willing to let it go. The back side is my 'I Love Math' bulletin board/ word wall/ divider when you walk in the room. I collected a bunch of these trays that fit perfectly. They are labeled by my 4 blocks on the right...this is where they can turn in papers. I also have Late/ Missing work trays and my art supplies on the left. It works well for my room.  
Front side...

 I found this cute little thing at Ikea a few years back. It has been the perfect fit in my rooms for the kids daily folders.
And colored pencils. I finally hit my breaking point in my Art Supply tray (above) a few weeks back. I was getting sooo irritated by the colored pencils just freely floating around the tray and not in their proper boxes. (OCD much?) So, I got a bunch of little baby food jars and separated the pencils by color and put them in a plastic box. It looks WAY better than the method we were using. Plus it forces them to put things back where they below. (Wow, what a concept)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving...The Pittsburgh Steelers! The Super Bowl just got a million times cooler. The Steelers are coming to Arlington! Please believe we are having the biggest Black and Yellow party ever! (just kidding...biggest party for us I guess I should say) Before anyone calls me out, YES, I know Pittsburgh's colors are black and GOLD...but, our theme song is "Black and Yellow" so we're rollin' with should too. Lol. Stay tuned for all my pictures next week on putting that Super Bowl unit into action. :)

I'm Loving...Twitter. Yes, I said it. I've had an account for 2 years and never used it. Now that I have a few friends "tweeting" with me, it's pretty fun. I will admit, I'm not one of those inspirational tweeters...pretty much all you get from me is conversations with my friends. Oh, can always entertain me. Sey likes to make fun of me saying I'm "a follower"...duh, that's kinda the point of it. Follow me...@katieadelle.

I'm Loving...This pretty dress. Hopefully I will be wearing it next week to a charity event. {hint, hint} In case that face looks familiar, just take yourself back about 15 years, TGIF? You guessed it...Candace Cameron. She is wearing Norma Clare. My sisters good friend Anna is the designer behind Norma should check out her clothes, they are beautiful!
I'm Loving...Yucatan Taco Stand. Have you heard of this place? It's in the DFW area...I think there are 3 different locations. Let me tell you about their nachos. In the great words of my love bug, "there's a whole bunch of junk on them." Ha! I don't think I could even sit here and tell you what all is on this. The surprising thing is that I ate it. Me and Sey stuffed ourselves and still had half of this thing left on our plate. It's heaven!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Things Tuesday

First things first. Maybe you've noticed, maybe you didn't...I have new decorations on my blog. This was not by choice. I was forced to change it (something about them changing servers) and the bad news is, they didn't have my background on the new server. {two thumbs down} I am with a new background and header that I'm not quite convinced I love. Does anyone have any good suggestions on cute, FREE, backgrounds..and headers?!

My sister has a pretty cool style blog going over at Styling Grace. She updates it a lot and it's really cool stuff. If you have a dilemma on what to wear (like I did) she can help you out big time. In case you read, I'm the sister who needed a cocktail dress- check out what all she made for me! Lindsey talks about clothes, decorating, homes...and everything in between. She's pretty much amazing and her blog is me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Remember....

January 27, 2001.

I had just spent the day in Tulsa showing off my new puppy. Betsy and I watched the OSU vs Colorado game and as soon as it was over we jumped in the Eagle Talon and headed back to Stillwater.

I will never forget.

We were crossing the Keystone Dam when Betsy's mom called.  It must have just happened because none of the details were clear. All we knew was that something had happened and a plane had gone down.

We were in disbelief.

Thinking it must be a mistake.

I immediately starting calling my friend (and neighbor) Daniel and Antoine to see what was going on.  I remember leaving a message on Daniel's voicemail wanting to make sure he was ok.

We were still about 45 minutes from Stillwater...  Every few minutes we were getting updates from the radio or phone. Longest. Trip. Ever.  It was confirmed a plane had crashed and all ten passengers were killed. I was still calling Daniel and Antoine and no one ever answered.

My heart hurt.

I knew the outcome was not going to be good.

I remember pulling into the Terrace, running upstairs to the apartment and the TV being on.  My friends were there glued to the news coverage.

After this it becomes a blur...

I remember at some point talking to Antoine on the phone, so I knew he was ok. I remember the moment I realized Daniel was on that plane and didn't make it. I remember trying to keep it together in front of my company. I remember walking up the stairs to my room. About halfway up I just sat and cried. How was this even possible?

Daniel was seriously the nicest guy ever.
He was funny.
He had a big heart.
He was the kind of guy you don't meet to often.
...and the kind of guy you never forget.
{He's the guy on the right}

{Antoine and Daniel}

How is it possible that it has been TEN years?!
It seems like just yesterday.

I remember my friend and I making a picture frame for Daniel and taking it to the OSU Spirit Rider a bronze statue in front of Gallagher-Iba Arena.  I remember the beautiful memorial service with thousands and thousands of people.  I remember signing the huge memoriative (is that a word) cardboard wall . I remember the orange and black ribbons all over campus.  I remember our first game after the crash against Missouri. The moment of silence. The WIN.

Still 10 years later, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Always and Forever...
 Remember the Ten Run 2010

Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Bowl Unit

Ok..I'm pretty excited about this. My first attempt at using Google Documents. I've been inspired by The First Grade Parade and Mrs. Jump's Class and all their mini units. So...I decided to semi-try it out. I say semi because I think all of their units are completely original...mine, well... borrowed, stolen, changed and a few of my very own. (I did give credit where credit is due) I'd like to say I "prepared and organized" a pretty exciting week in the big world of 5th grade math. Tons of ideas! Even if you don't teach 5th grade, there are so many great ideas I found that can be used in any grade. Just click the picture below and it SHOULD take you straight to my 22 page unit.  I hope you enjoy it...I'm excited! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

What Do YOU Love?

Hypothetically, IF I was interested in getting a new car...what would you recommend?

I have had my car for a world record amount of time! I love it to death and it runs perfectly still, but as I've said before...I have "THE" itch. I think the ONLY reason I haven't gotten something already is because I can't find anything I love.

Help me people!

What do you love?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Things

So I sit here tonight, reading all my wonderful blogs, hoping to get some inspiration for a good post...but no such luck. I think the best you're going to get out of me tonight is a totally random post, you know...what I'm good at.

{Number 1}
Teen Mom 2. Hopefully I'm not the only adult who is glued to this show. I haven't watched too many episodes this season, but I feel the need to express my opinion about Janelle. I just watched the segment of the fight with her mom and my jaw was on the floor the entire time. I'm sorry who the heck does she think she is?!? Who in the world talks to their mother, the one that gave you life, this way? I can't believe I watch this show...

{Number 2}
MLK Day. I came across this VERY cool blog tonight that had such of cute ideas for MLK Day. She teaches 1st grade, but really it's so easy to use this stuff in 5th grade. Here are just a few of the great things I found...
I know this seems so not 5th grade...but really, it's a life lesson that a lot of people still have not figured out. They took a regular white egg and a brown egg. Then made a chart and compared the similarities and differences. Just like eggs, people have more things in common with each other. We're all the same on the inside, our only difference, our shell.  
Cute little self portraits. 

{Number 3}
Love. My little Lovebug sure knows how to make me smile. He came home from work tonight and took me to our most favorite hibachi place ever. Mmm mmm mmm, I just love him. :)

*For all of you Steelers HATERS, please skip #4*

{Number 4}
Steelers. I'm tempted to buy this shirt because I love it.

{Number 5}
HARPER. I am really missing my niece people. It's been a long 2 weeks and I wish her mom would send me more pictures...HINT, HINT! Or it would be great if she updated her blog a little more often. Lindsey! I am not going to make it...I NEED PICTURES! (Video would be cool too) Here is my latest Harper picture and if you can't tell by her face...she is in MAJOR need of her Aunt Katie!! Love you baby girl!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things ONLY A Teacher Would Love...

I feel like my title is fair warning on this post.

I got a present today...and I am sooo excited!
This right here my friends is a teacher's best friend.
My "Ladybug"...A red document camera!
I've had an ancient dinosaur document camera that a dear friend let me used all year, but this is smaller, cooler, basically just pure bliss...heaven. Everyone needs one.

Next Last thing on the agenda, as promised in my last post. lol. 
I told you guys my mind was turning. This is the beginning of our Super Bowl wall. It's not finished, but it's a start.  Thank you DF for our letters cut from wrapping paper. :) Not sure the educational purpose of this yet, but least our 5th graders will know who's in the Super Bowl come game day. lol

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

In case you haven't figured this out by now, I LOVE me some football! I am almost worse than a your average man when it comes to watching these playoff games. lol. I also have a little bit of a competitive spirit, so in honor of Playoff time I created a little bracket, with helmets, for your viewing pleasure. My picks are below...I'd like to know yours. Yes, even those of you who aren't that "in" to football...YOU TOO!

Moral of the story...If your reading this blog, POST A COMMENT! :)

Don't worry, my minds already turning on how I can incorporate this into Math next week. Don't be surprised if you see a life sized bracket on my wall next week. :)

*Da, Dada, Da*
Introducing the 2011 Road to the Super Bowl bracket made by yours truly...

My Picks:
Pittsburgh and Kansas City
NY Jets and Patriots

Pittsburgh and Patriots

Pittsburgh to the SUPER BOWL! (duh.)

Saints and Atlanta
Eagles and Bears

Atlanta and Eagles

Eagles to the SUPER BOWL!

Winner of Super Bowl I even need to say it...

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow.....

PITTS-BURGH-STEEL-ERS! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

Thursday, January 6, 2011


In February, my brother-in-law David, and a group of artists from Franklin, TN will have the opportunity to travel to Thailand. They will gather with hundreds of English teachers who live & serve throughout Asia for a week of renewal, restoration and worship. This is such an amazing opportunity for David and I'm really excited for him. They have put a little video together telling about what they will be doing.  I hope you enjoy it! :)

The Story of Journey & Thailand from grateful inconvenience on Vimeo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Since I'm just sitting on the couch I figured I could participate in Miscellany Monday. It's my first time, but anything random is right up my alley.

Totally in love with this local Hibachi place here. I'm not even a big "hibachi type" girl," but man! We love it! We are regulars for the Early Bird Specials. And yes, I'm getting ready to eat my leftovers now. :)

{Monday Nights}
Hellllllooooo Brad. I've taken a few seasons (ok, 3 years) off from watching The Bachelor, but I'm back this season. I like Brad and the fact that he didn't settle with someone he didn't want to be with. I respect his honesty. Um...did anyone just see Madison the vampire girl? YIKES!
{Thursday Nights}
*Fist Pump* I'm ready for t-shirt time!

{Mr. Fix It}
I know S secretly reads this blog when I'm not around so I wanted to give him a quick shout out. (Love you Sweetheart!) He can fix anything...and I mean ANYTHING! He just keeps amazing me at his random skills. So, the garbage disposal broke before the holidays and we just decided to wait until we got back to deal with it. I just knew we were going to have to buy a new one. Do you know that kid got under the sink today, took everything apart and fixed that little sucker. He is the!